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SPALDING COUNTY, Ga. – Two Spalding County men have been arrested and charged for chasing a teenager in her truck and threatening her with a gun at stoplights.

Channel 2’s Nicole Carr learned both men are expected in front of a judge Saturday morning.

A teenager told investigators that on Sept. 9 the men, identified as Christopher Brown and Isaac Butler, followed her in their white pickup truck from east Spalding County to West McIntosh Road and the North Expressway, where one of the men tried to open her car door at the stoplight.

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The victim was able to get away but was stopped again at another red light, right in front of the Griffin Crossroads Shopping Center, where she says one of the men waved a gun at her.

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About a half mile away, the girl pulled into the parking lot of the busy Griffin First Assembly Church where a church administrator tells us she and the men were met by people preparing for the school day. They called 911 as the men pulled off.

“I’m just very thankful that she’s OK, because that’s a very scary situation,” said church administrator Cheryl Fields.

Butler and Brown have been charged with aggravated assault and stalking.