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An HIV-positive Gwinnett man who used Craigslist to arrange sexual encounters with at least two different women — and didn’t reveal his diagnosis — will spend the next decade in prison.

James Allen Propes, 24, was found guilty Friday of two counts of reckless conduct by an HIV-infected person. Judge Tom Davis sentenced him to serve 10 years.

The judge called Propes an “evil person,” according to a news release from the Gwinnett County District Attorney’s Office.

Davis also “stated if he could control the parole board’s decision, he would make sure the defendant spent every day of his 10-year sentence in confinement, because the defendant is a clear and present danger to anyone he might come across that could potentially be a sexual partner,” officials said.

According to the news release, two victims filed reports about Propes in August 2014. Both said they had met Propes via Craigslist, had sex with him and “later found out that he was HIV positive by finding an article online that he had been charged and convicted of a similar transaction in another state.”

According to earlier reports from the Gwinnett Daily Post, Propes was charged in previous incidents in two separate states — Oregon and Indiana.

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