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Dogs at a daycare in Denver were suddenly in great danger on Tuesday when a man believed to be a drug dealer allegedly threw 17 baggies of heroin over a fenced in area as he ran from the police.

According to ABC 7 Denver, several dogs ate the drugs, but one of them, a golden retriever named Charlie, almost died. Video shows the dogs moseying up to the bags of drugs.

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The owner of the dog ended up getting a phone call she never saw coming. “She’s high on heroin. We’re treating her, but you need to come as soon as you can,” the daycare told a woman identified only as Laura.

“You can’t process the fact that your dog ate heroin,” she said afterwards. “The employee saved her life. I know she’d be dead. I’m really happy she’s not because they were so fast-acting.”

“I could have lost my dog yesterday because some stupid idiot decided to sell drugs, run from the police and throw them,” she added. “If you want to do drugs, you can do drugs. If you want to run your life — if you want to sell drugs to people, sell drugs to people that want to do drugs, you’re ruining their life. They chose it — my dog didn’t choose it.

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Charlie was treated quickly and is making a recovery, but she still has no energy, says Laura.

Police did catch the suspect but still have not released his name. Charges have yet to be filed. The police investigation is ongoing.

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