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A family is mourning the loss of Samuel Lovelace, 74, who died in a car accident the day before his son’s wedding.

According to KXII, Lovelace was on his way home from his son’s rehearsal dinner near Atoka, Okla., when he collided with a semi-truck on US Highway 68 late Friday night. Sadly, Lovelace passed away at the scene.

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The family contemplated postponing the wedding but decided to keep everything the way it was to celebrate a wonderful couple and the life of Lovelace.

“We all thought about it, and [Lovelace’s son] called me and said that it’s not what dad would’ve wanted, he would have wanted us to go through with this,” Chirs Graham, a friend of Lovelace’s, told KXII. “He was so happy last night.”

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Retired Atoka firefighter and Choctaw tribal security officer Scott Walker, 52, saw Lovelace on the highway and tried to help but was struck by a firetruck, according to the station.

“He was off work and was coming home when he came across the accident,” Brian, Walker’s brother told KXII. “That’s the way Steve is, he’s gonna try to get out and see what he can do.”

Walker has bleeding and swelling on the brain and is in an ICU at a local hospital, KXII reported.

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