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It’s not everyday that a Norwegian black metal drummer gets elected to town council.

Darkthrone drummer Gylve “Fenriz” Nagell made a huge mistake and agreed to be on a list of backup representatives in Kolbton, Oslo, in Norway, thinking he’d never actually get elected. To his surprise, people elected him.

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A campaign photo of Fenriz was posted to social media of him holding his precious cat in his arms. The caption read “Please don’t vote for me.” However, people certainly didn’t listen.

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CLRVYNT asked Fenriz if he could simply not accept the position on town council.

“[I]f you get voted in, you have to stay in that position for four years. And then you can pull out. But I’m used to these sort of long-term commitments,” he told CLRVYNT.

He said he’s not too happy about the outcome because “it’s boring” and doesn’t pay well.

And if you’ve never heard of Darkthrone, be sure to listen to the video below.

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