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In Orangeburg, S.C., an engaged couple captured an alligator weighing more than 800 pounds, one of the largest caught in the state in recent years.

Jonathan Smith and fiance Melissa Davis pulled in the gator after fighting it for hours on Lake Marion last Saturday, as reported by The Times and Democrat of Orangeburg.

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“We saw the alligator, and he went down,” Smith said. “Melissa caught it when she threw a large, pink treble hook with an anchor rope attached to it. Once she snagged the alligator, I grabbed the rope and hung on until he tired out.”

Smith has been catching alligators for the past six years.

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“It is the thrill and the adrenaline rush,” he said in regards to why he does it.

The alligator was 12 feet 10 inches long, weighing in at 809 pounds. Smith says it is the ninth and also the heaviest gator he has hunted and caught.

After hours of patiently waiting for their prize, the engaged couple were finally able to claim it. The gator will be stuffed at Great Outdoors Taxidermy. The meat will be donated.

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