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An 18-year-old woman from Austria is suing her parents for publishing embarrassing images of her on social media.

The teenager said that since 2009, her parents have posted over 500 pictures of her on Facebook without her permission.

She asked her parents to delete the images, but they have reportedly refused.

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The teenager’s father believes that he owns the rights to the photos, since he was the one who took them.

The photos that the parents shared with their 700 friends include childhood moments such as potty training and diaper changes.

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According to the Local Austria, the daughter is quoted as saying, “They knew no shame and no limit and didn’t care whether it was a picture of me sitting on the toilet or lying naked in my cot — every stage was photographed and then made public.”

The teenager’s lawyer, Michael Rami, said that she has a good chance of winning the lawsuit if she can prove that they violated her right to a personal life.

If the daughter does win, her parents may be forced to give her financial compensation for her pain and suffering and be liable for her legal costs.

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