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The gloves are off…again.

Chris Brown says his baby mama, Nia Guzman, has exploited his recent assault accusations as a way to get more money, according to TMZ.

Brown immediately addressed the public after Guzman reportedly filed a complaint with child services following his standoff with cops in late August.

As Rare previously reported, LAPD officers gathered outside the singer’s home awaiting a search warrant last month after a woman filed a complaint against Brown, alleging that he threatened her while holding a gun in his hand.

According to media outlets, the woman, who has since been identified as Baylee Curran, claimed Brown pointed a gun at her before she was able to escape. The singer was later arrested, then released from custody on $250,000 bail.

“I take great pride in being a father, I take great responsibility in being a father,” he said in a recent video recording. “I love my daughter. I make sure she’s healthy. Her education — I pay for it all. Never have an issue with that. What I do have an issue with is if there’s one inkling of a problem, someone uses that as a meal ticket instead of treatment for the daughter.”

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Brown added, “I take care of my daughter fully. So, everything else, these allegations and bullshit — stop lying, bro. Stop f—ing lying. It’s annoying, bro. I got enough on my plate. Straight up.”

According to the news outlet, Brown and Guzman have repeatedly argued over child support and custody of their 2-year-old daughter, Royalty.

Chris’ visits with Royalty have been monitored since his arrest.

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