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“How I Met Your Mother” actress Ashley Williams writes about fear and healing in a brave new essay entitled “I Need to Talk About My Miscarriage.”

In the post written for the Human Development Project, Williams relives the painful moment she realized she was having a miscarriage while she and her son Gus, 23 months, were at Whole Foods.

“My (still bloated) gut feeling is that something even more painful silences us — the fear that we, as women, are failures,” Williams, 37, writes in the post.

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“Procreation, the driving purpose in our constructed notion of womanhood, is broken by this sudden trauma,” Ashley, who miscarried eight weeks into her second pregnancy, continues.

As the post moves forward, the “Jim Gaffigan Show” actress continues to speak directly to women who have miscarried.

“You are not broken. You did nothing wrong,” Williams proclaims. “You are strong, you are brave, and there is hope.”

Williams dismantles miscarriage misconceptions and the notion that they only happen to a select crowd.

“I stand here in front of you, [needing] to normalize my miscarriage. And I’d love to hear about yours,” the actress tells her readers. “I believe it will allow me — and us — to gather hope and strength. As we talk, let’s add some of these words into our lexicon: Survivor … Strong … Abundant … Mother … Hope.”

You can read Williams’ full post “I Need to Talk About My Miscarriage,” here. 

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