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An 85-year-old New York City woman in a wheelchair was robbed on Sunday, but she got her cash back after police officers pitched together to help her.

Bernice Starnes, 85, was sitting in her wheelchair outside of her Bronx-area apartment on Sunday at around 2:15 p.m. when she said a woman approached her and they began to chat, CBS New York reported. “She said, ‘Hello,’ and then we said, ‘It’s a beautiful day.’ She said, ‘It sure is,’ and that’s when she grabbed my bag and ran down the street,” Starnes told CBS New York.

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The elderly woman, whom residents say is friendly to everyone in the building, lives alone and is often seen smoking cigarettes outside the apartment building, CBS New York reported. “People in the building help her,” Tarsha Stallworth, a neighbor of Starnes, said. “When she wants to get downstairs or if she needs a store run. She doesn’t deserve that at all.”

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On this occasion, Starnes received some aid from the New York City Police, who banded together and donated $130 to her in order to make up for the stolen cash. “Rest assured, we’re gonna catch her,” one officer told Starnes, according to CBS New York.

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