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According to TMZ, Brad Pitt will fight for joint custody of his children with actress Angelina Jolie.

Jolie surprised Pitt and their legions of fans when she filed for divorce from Pitt. The couple were together since 2004 and married since 2014.

Since her filing, allegations that Pitt smokes too much pot and drinks too much alcohol, which led to him being abusive to their children, have surfaced. Jolie will use these allegations to try and get sole custody of their children, which would allow Pitt limited visitation rights.

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TMZ reports that Pitt is having none of that arrangement.

“Brad has made it clear…he will engage in legal war to stop his estranged wife from getting what she wants — sole physical custody, giving him only visitation rights,” TMZ reported Friday morning. “We’re told when Brad answers Jolie’s divorce petition, the stage will be set for the central conflict.”

As TMZ points out, Jolie would need pretty damning evidence that paints Pitt in a negative light in order to get sole custody, as many judges are inclined to grant joint custody.

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