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Talk about pouring salt in the wound.

As Jimmy Kimmel tried to wrap things up quickly after losing the Emmy to John Oliver, Matt Damon sauntered onstage to rub his nose in it.

“Did you win?” Damon taunted.

“No, no, we didn’t win,” Kimmel said.

“You know, it makes a lot of sense,” Damon said. “You must be really bummed out.”

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“Yeah, I’m a little disappointed,” Kimmel said.

“So, you didn’t get a trophy?” Damon asked.

After teasing Kimmel about the want to “go home, curl up and cry,” Damon encouraged the audience to cheer him on. They then hugged it out.

“I’ll see you later at the after-party,” Damon said.

“There’s an after party?” Kimmel asked as Damon tried to make his exit.

“Never mind,” Damon said before adding, “oh, hey, Jimmy, tell your mom, ‘I like them apples.'”

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