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Alabama doctor walks seven miles to save a man’s life during snowstorm


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An Alabama doctor is being lauded Monday for his bravery after walking six miles to reach a patient in need. Dr. Zenko Hrynkiw was one of thousands of individuals in the south caught off-guard by this week’s snow storm. The doctor was called in to perform emergency brain surgery at Trinity Medical Center in Alabama shortly after the worst of the storm. What he found was gridlocked traffic, poor driving conditions and next to no cellphone service. Knowing time was not on his side, Hrynkiw got out of his vehicle and made the rest of his trip on foot. After not hearing from the doctor for quite some time, police began looking for Hrynkiw, until he finally appeared.

From AL.com:

The police were looking for him,” Davis said.

Hours had gone by since the initial contact in the morning.

“He finally called me and said where’s the patient? What’s the status?” Davis said. “He spoke to the family and went off to surgery.”

It was an emergency surgery for a traumatic brain injury. Hrynkiw is Trinity’s only brain surgeon, Davis said.

“Without the surgery, the patient would have most likely died,” Davis said. “But he is doing well.”


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