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Customers certainly didn’t have a “happy meal” at a McDonald’s after a disgusting incident took place on Saturday.

Julian Rivers-Smith claims he was at a McDonald’s playground in Frankton, New Zealand, when a child defecated on a slide, the Daily Mail reported.

“There was defecation on the slide, and children going down the slide, getting faeces on them,” he told Newshub.

River-Smith alleges that instead of staff immediately cleaning up the mess, they proceeded to snap photos and said that one person even put a video of the incident on Snapchat.

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“This all could have been avoided if the staff had been more responsive and dealt to the situation instead of just trying to sell more cheeseburgers,” River-Smith wrote in a complaint to McDonald’s on Facebook, according to the Daily Mail.

He claims it took staff about a half an hour to clean up at the McDonald’s.

According to the Daily Mail, a customer named Sarah Lux posted about the incident on McDonald’s Facebook page, saying her child got the faeces on him.

Lux wrote, “My son had been through it and has got it on his pants and another kid even tasted it as he thought it was chocolate.”

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However, according to Newshub, McDonald’s denied Lux and River-Smith’s claims, saying that staff cleaned up the mess in a timely fashion, that staff did not take photos or videos and that River-Smith wasn’t there.

McDonald’s admitted the incident did in fact take place.

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