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Leave it to Amy Schumer to somehow manage to outdo herself on this year’s Emmys red carpet.

Schumer showed up looking gorgeous in a black off the shoulder gown alongside her sister. The two of them made a stop at E!’s designated reporting zone to chat about everything from the atmosphere on the red carpet to Schumer’s work to, of course, fashion.

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Giuliana Rancic wouldn’t be doing her glamazon job if she didn’t ask Schumer which designer she was wearing for the evening.

Schumer didn’t miss a beat, giving a shout out to Vivienne Westwood for her fabulous dress and to O.B….for her tampon.

Yep. Amy Schumer brought period humor to television’s annual ball.

Not to leave it at a deadpan statement, Schumer then did a celebratory dance. We assume the same dance every woman (not trying to be a mom) does every month after realizing that she is not with child.

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