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An Alabama couple from Calhoun County stands accused of sexually torturing a homeless man with a pole and a garden hose.

Sex offender Dustin Lee Bragg, 34, and Barbie Gordon Vaughn, 49, allegedly inserted the objects into a man’s rectum, causing severe damage to the man’s rectum and colon.

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According to, investigators currently believe the two were drinking with the man on their porch. The victim, who is married, was renting a room from the accused and been doing so for four days.


Apparently, the victim fell off the porch, onto a bird feeder and then on dog excrement. The victim removed his clothes to deal with the feces problem. It is at this point, police say, that Bragg inserted a pole and a hose into the man’s rectum.

Vaughn is said to have watched as this happened.

Bragg has a criminal history. He pleaded guilty in 2004 to rape and sexual abuse of a 10-year-old girl.

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After waiting for six days to get medical help, the victim is now in critical condition.

It’s not immediately clear how much time behind bars Bragg and Vaughn might face.

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