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Jesse Holton, 17, of Eclectic, Ala., is being charged as an adult in the senseless slaying of his own parents after they came home to find their house “trashed” by an apparent party and an argument ensued.

Holton, who is a senior in high school, allegedly shot his parents Mike and April Holton in the head and then told a story to police that quickly fell apart after an examination of evidence and the teen’s demeanor.

According to Sheriff Bill Franklin, Holton told deputies that his father was the perpetrator.

“The 17-year-old originally told us that after our deputy left, his parents went into the master bedroom where they got into an argument,” he said. “He told us that Mike Holton shot his mother in the head, then turned the gun on himself. What he said and what the evidence showed just did not add up.

“With the angles of the wounds and the entry and exit points of the wounds, there is just no way Mike Holton could have shot himself,” he continued. “April suffered defensive wounds to her hands, where it appeared she threw her hands up as if shield herself. The bullet went through one of her fingers and then into her head. So there was no way April could have shot herself either. The 17-year-old’s story just didn’t add up.”

According to the Montgomery Advertiser, Holton has showed “’absolutely’ no emotion or remorse.”

Holton’s description of what happened — that his father shot his mother during an argument and then turned the gun on himself — didn’t match physical evidence, Franklin said. A forensics examination determined the man’s wound wasn’t self-inflicted, he said, and preliminary investigation showed the woman’s wound wasn’t, either.

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Sheriff Franklin also said that Holton has a history of “emotional trouble.”

“We are dealing with young man with a history of emotional trouble,” he said. “He did ask one time how his mother was, but that was it. He never asked about the condition of his father. You talk to him and it’s just blank. He expresses nothing in his demeanor or conversations that shows he feels he is at all responsible for any of this.”

“He told us he takes prescription sleep medicine. And he admits to marijuana use. Basically he told our investigators that as long as he smokes dope and takes his pills every day, he’s fine,” Franklin continued.

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Disturbingly, a deputy was called to the home around 4 p.m. on Sunday after the parents discovered the party mess. The father told the deputy that he had restrained his son with handcuffs in an apparent effort to discipline him. The deputy agreed to sign a juvenile petition against Jesse Holton the next day for the party. There was evidence of marijuana use.

Then the deputy left.

20 minutes later, a neighbor called 911 and said there was a “problem” a the Holton home.

When the deputy returned, he found the Holtons dead.

Jesse Holton will be charged as an adult in the murders of his parents. His bond has been increased to $500,000.

The deceased couple’s two younger children are staying with relatives.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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