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Each new Anthony Weiner sexting scandal begs the question “Can it get worse than this?” It appears that the former congressman is on a mission to prove that it can.

Just a month after Weiner’s wife and top Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin announced their separation following yet another sexting scandal, the media decided that people needed some more Weiner.

RELATED: Anthony Weiner is in the news again for the reason you’d probably suspect has released a damning report alleging that the 51-year-old Weiner carried out an online sexual relationship with a 15-year-old girl for months (because the girl is a minor, her name is being withheld from the exclusive report). A series of 58 screenshots of messages over various private social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Kik and Confide indicates that Weiner was knowledgeable about her age. The relationship was said to have begun in January of 2016.

Though the Daily Mail compiled a rather extensive list of their correspondence, they identified one particularly lewd message where Weiner said to the 15-year-old, “I would bust that tight p***y so hard and so often that you would leak and limp for a week.”

“Why did I message you [in January]?” she asked to Weiner in an email to Weiner. “I was studying you- for a book of course. You were my Hannibal Lecter.” The girl said that she was “obsessed” with Weiner and reached out to him on Twitter when she discovered he accepted private messages from non-followers to contact him.

After the initial contact on Twitter, Weiner found her on Facebook and sent her a friend request. This was reflected in the correspondence gathered by the Daily Mail.

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As their interaction progressed, Weiner would engage with the teen in sexual messages and conversations over Skype. He would request that she wear certain outfits, perform sexual requests and would even send pornographic videos. The teen said that she did not feel uncomfortable unless he spoke about his “rape fantasies.” She said that he would change the subject when she expressed discomfort.

She told her father and teacher of the relationship in April, feeling guilty about hiding it. Weiner urged her to tell her father and teacher that she fabricated her story. She said she would, but instead sent two letters to fake addresses and sent a copy of the letter to Weiner, so he believed she had covered up their relationship.

While the teen said that she did not regret the events, her father said that she struggled with depression and spoke with a counselor.

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