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The late Anna Nicole Smith’s baby girl turned 10 on September 7.

To celebrate, little Dannielynn spent the day with her father, Larry Birkhead, “TODAY” anchor Natalie Morales, and a few friends at Universal Studios Hollywood.

Birkhead later talked about how much the girl has grown in the last 10 years and how they have been doing since Smith’s death just five months after giving birth to Dannielynn. After Smith passed away, Birkhead moved their daughter to Kentucky in an effort to keep her out of the spotlight.

“It takes away the chase. It takes away the curiosity,” Birkhead told Morales. “It takes away the false stories.”

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When Smith died, five men came forward claiming to be Dannielynn’s father. Looking back, Birkhead believes he is a stronger person because of all of the turmoil he went through to gain custody of his daughter.

Even 10 years later, Birkhead still feels that things with Smith were left unfinished.

“It’s tough when you are going to school and you have to fill out the forms. It gets me every year. You have to put ‘deceased’ on her mom’s information,” he said.

Smith has been gone for so long, but reminders of her are still very much a part of Birkhead and Dannielynn’s lives.

“It’s hard when you go to the grocery store and you see a magazine or something,” Birkhead said of his daughter’s mother.

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Birkhead admitted that he got calls in the past to have Dannielynn start modeling or acting, but “she’s not interested.”

“She’s just a regular kid. She’s into technology now and she’s into games and these YouTube videos,” he said.

He’s trying his best to give Dannielynn a normal life and protect her from the spotlight brought on by her famous mother.

“I’m not the best dad. I have my faults, you know. I do the best I can with what the situation is. We make the best of it,” he said. “I think Dannielynn’s best days are to come and she has such a bright future in front of her.”

As for what Smith would think of how Birkhead is raising their daughter, he just had one thing to say: “I think that other than the fact that I don’t dress her in pink every day, she would think I am doing a good job.”

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