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Atlanta debacle: Boortz blasts politicians, not meteorologists

Photo on 8-23-13 at 3.01 PM

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Affected by the gigantic snow and ice storm in Atlanta? Blame your politicians, not your meteorologists — that’s what Neal Boortz has to say on the matter after certain politicians lambasted weathermen instead of taking responsibility for themselves.

According to Boortz, “Atlanta is uniquely positioned geographically in such a way that no weather report can never be fully trusted” and “now you blame the forecasters.”

“The blame is lack of planning on the part of Atlanta’s major elected officials.”

School could have been called off, workers could have been sent home, preparation for the worst could have happened, but that’s on the state not the meteorologist.

Boortz to the politicians: “Suck it up and say: ‘Next time we will do a lot better.’”

Photo on 8-23-13 at 3.01 PM

Neal Boortz is a former attorney, a talk show host and a New York Times best-selling author. Follow him on Twitter @Talkmaster


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