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Atlanta snow down

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After the Atlanta area was bombarded by a snow storm, many politicians reacted defensively, even blaming weathermen on the region’s lack of preparedness in advance of the gridlock-inducing white out.

Herman Cain takes issue with these comments from the Georgia politicians:

Gov. Nathan Deal: “There’s not anybody in this room that could have predicted the degree and the magnitude of the problems that developed.”

GEMA Driector Charley English: “Two or three o’clock yesterday it still had not gotten terrible on the roads,” a statement that was immediately contradicted by Gov. Deal.

Atlanta mayor Kasim Reed: “We made a mistake by not staggering when people should leave … I want folks to know we’re learning from this.”

Despite all of these excuses, there was still some good that came from the debacle, including the birth of a newborn on the side of the highway. For more on that story and the police officer Timothy Sheffield who helped deliver the child, on his birthday no less, have a listen.

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Herman Cain is a businessman and former Republican presidential candidate. Follow him on @THEHermanCain


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