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BROOME, Australia — Most people find seashells when they walk along the beach, but not Bindi Lee Porth, who stumbled across prehistoric dinosaur prints.

Porth found a number of well-preserved footprints on Cable Beach while she was collecting shells, according to CNN.

“It’s unbelievable to stand in the tracks, close your eyes and put yourself back there in time,” she told CNN. “It’s very hard to describe. It’s just amazing.”

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The 130-million-year-old prints were impressed into a rock that is stronger than the layers above it and likely covered by sand and water for the last 50 years, University of Queensland palaeontologist Steve Salisbury told CNN.

The tracks belong to a Megalosauropus broomensis, a nearly 5-foot-tall carnivorous dinosaur, Salisbury said.

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“As it weathers away we start to see these ancient surfaces emerge,” Salisbury told CNN. “What you’re essentially seeing are surfaces that are frozen in time and were walked over by dinosaurs millions of years ago.”

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