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Long time friends Bill Maher and Kellyanne Conway had a reunion on HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher” this past Saturday.

The mood of the interview was very light. Maher joked, saying that Conway was one of the first blonde conservatives that he ever had on his show. The Republican pollster and campaign manager for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has been Maher’s guest for over 20 years. Conway smiled back and thanked Maher for letting her speak to a crowd full of undecided swing voters.

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Maher acknowledged Conway’s work with the presidential candidate. She was initially hired to help tame Trump’s image with women, prompting rumors that American voters might have gotten a new side of the Republican presidential nominee.

That being said, the pair playfully commented back and forth to try to convince the other why their desired choice was the better candidate.

Much of their interaction reflected this:

Conway: I actually think we’re going to win Bill. You know it, you feel it. I think you’re getting nervous.

Maher: Oh I am getting nervous. But it’s not because Trump is good, it’s because people are stupid. That’s why I’m getting nervous.

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Both Maher and Conway made the argument for their respective candidate by slamming the other. It’s safe to say that while many points were exchanged, neither one got the advantage.

Both major candidates are disliked by the American voters by a historically high rate, contributing to the rate at which prominent politicians are breaking from their party nominees to vote for third-party candidates.

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