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Blake Shelton is more than ready to square off with the protesters from Westboro Baptist Church planning to picket his concert this Friday in St. Louis.

The controversial organization posted a tweet announcing their plans to picket along with a parody of Blake’s song, “Boys Round Here.” The lyrics include lines about chasing tail and honky-tonking. The warning from Westboro didn’t phase Blake, though.

He quickly replied tweeting, “Great!!! Lots of my crew guys will be happy to see your wives…Again.”

Westboro then replied with a picture of a sign that read, “God Hates Drunks.” If that’s the case, then Blake is really in trouble, along with most of the other country fans out there.

Though Westboro Baptist Church makes a lot of noise with their protests, they don’t have nearly the voice Blake has on social media. Blake has 16 million Twitter followers to Westboro’s 11,600.

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