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The question started innocently enough.

At a special VIP gathering before his show on Sept. 15 in Peoria, Illinois, Blake Shelton had taken an onslaught of questions in which he had the audience in hysterics, some of which had to do with his early touring days with country trio Rascal Flatts.

But one question in particular made Blake stop in his tracks for just a moment.

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“What’s one of your most embarrassing moments of being a performer?” Blake read off the screen. “Well, it’s funny. It’s funny that we are talking about Rascal Flatts so much tonight because I haven’t talked about those guys in forever, because, do they even exist any more?”

As the room filled with a combination of laughter, jeers and boos, Blake couldn’t help but continue. “I’m just kidding. I’m kidding…I hope someone is YouTubing that. Please send it to Twitter to tell them to kiss my ass.”

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Of course, we are assuming that it was all in good fun, as Blake went on to reminisce about days spent on tour with the award-winning group, when one date in particular had Blake falling off the stage and “hyperextending his scrotum.”

“When you trip and fall in front of a crowd and Rascal Flatts is standing there at the side of the stage and they see it, its going to affect the rest of your life every time you run into those guys.”

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