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For the first time in the history of her show, Ellen DeGeneres decided to share her stage with a co-host, and she knew the perfect woman for the job!

DeGeneres welcomed First Lady Michelle Obama to the stage and reminded her of what her job would be throughout the day.

“I’m sure you know, the number one job of the co-host is to make sure the host looks good,” DeGeneres said.

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“Well, that’s an easy job for me because you already look so good!” the FLOTUS said, adding, “Was that pretty convincing?”

And with that, the dance party started!

Later, Bradley Cooper made a surprise entrance and shocked everyone when he spilled the details about his fashion choices at a White House event.

After taking a selfie with DeGeneres and Obama, Cooper dished about his near-wardrobe malfunction at the State Dinner.

“I had just done ‘American Sniper,’ and I only had one tuxedo and it didn’t fit, and I was nervous that it was going to rip,” he said. “And so I decided at the last minute, I decided to 86 the underwear.”

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“Because, you know, if it was to rip, I would be much better to not have underwear on,” DeGeneres joked.

“For us! It would be better for us,” Obama said. “Right, ladies?”

The audience definitely agreed!

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