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Budweiser military couple ‘blessed’ by homecoming commercial

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Stars of the homecoming Budweiser commercial that aired during Super Bowl Sunday appeared Monday on Fox & Friends to express their gratitude for the outpouring of support they have received from Americans nationwide.

“I found out through the VFW that they were looking to honor one soldier coming back from Afghanistan and nominated Chuck never thinking that he would be selected but he was and it’s been a real blessing,” said Shannon Cantwell of boyfriend Lt. Chuck Nadd, 24, who was completely surprised by the warm welcome he received.

“I was told that I was just coming home to give a quick speech to the VFW in my hometown of Winter Park, Florida and it was more than just a VFW group, Lt. Nadd said breaking into a large smile.

“It was a shock,” he said, adding there are others just as worthy of such a grand homecoming.

“I think my reaction was really that so many folks deserve this so much more than me and, you know, I really hope that the message that gets out it that for all the people that have been out two, three or more combat deployments — you know, folks who have come back injured and not come back at all — those are the real heroes and we hope that this highlights that, you know, for America.

Ms. Cantwell nominated her boyfriend for the honor over Thanksgiving and found out around Christmas he had been selected for the 60-second spot.



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