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If you were to put Carrie Underwood and Adele in the same room together, it would undoubtedly make for double the star power! Both of them are big-named artists!

But, if you were to add their precious babies into the mix, it would be one big and adorable shindig. Truth be told, that almost happened.

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According to the country music superstar, she and the British songstress were brought together at the 2016 Grammy’s. Organizers turned two dressing rooms into one humongous nursery, so that Carrie’s son, Isaiah Michael Fisher, and Adele’s son, Angelo James Konecki, could bond like brothers.

How cute is that?

“Our dressing rooms were next to each other,” Carrie tells “The Sun.” “I think the organizers thought we might both bring our kids, so we had these really huge incredible dressing rooms. They opened up into each other.”

Turns out that even though the accommodation was perfect for the toddlers, the powerhouse singers ended up leaving their young ones at home.

“It was awesome. We had lots of space to relax,” said Carrie.

And what made the whole experience that much cooler is that Carrie made an unexpected friend out of it. In fact, Adele even popped her head into Carrie’s side of the room to say “Hello.”

“She is normal,” said a previously star struck Carrie. “I don’t know why that surprises me. I think you expect the better you are the more weird you are going to be, but she is just super nice, super real and normal. We had a chat. I was trying to not be in her way or bug her. She is really sweet.”

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Now, that’s a compliment!

OK, so now that Carrie and Adele are buddies can they please collaborate on a song together?

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