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Can you imagine the CMA Awards without Carrie Underwood hosting and performing?

We can’t either.

Flashback to Carrie’s first performance on the CMA’s in 2005, and her major role in the show’s future wasn’t so sure. She’d just won “American Idol” a few months prior and was setting the country world on fire with her mega-hit, “Jesus, Take the Wheel.” That’s the song she sang during this first CMA Awards appearance, and you can bet Carrie was saying some extra prayers before she took the stage.

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Looking back on that moment now, Carrie says, “I was horrified. Horrified’s the wrong word. Nervous. That doesn’t seem like there’s enough weight on the word nervous, though. There was just a lot of emotions.”

Carrie was feeling the full pressure of getting this performance right since it could have been her one and only time to perform on the show.

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“I was like, ‘What if they never ask me to come back ever again,’ Carrie says. ‘This could be my one and only shot to perform on the CMA’s!’ Fortunately, that didn’t happen. They asked me back, but it was the beginning.”

Carrie is now an old pro at performing on the CMA Awards, but she doesn’t take the experience for granted.

Carrie says, “I still feel the same butterflies whenever I walk on the stage of the CMA’s to perform or host or whatever.”

Look for Carrie and her co-host Brad Paisley on the 50th Annual CMA Awards coming up Wednesday, Nov. 2 on ABC.

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