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Carrie Underwood has never been shy about thanking those who have helped her become one of country music’s biggest stars.

So as the Oklahoma native took the stage in Los Angeles on Sept. 14, Carrie must have thought it would be the perfect time to pay tribute to her ultimate idol.

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“There were a lot of artists — a lot of women, especially — that, what can I say, I just fell in love with [growing up], but there was one in particular… I don’t know, there’s just something about her,” Carrie told the audience. “Her name is Dolly Parton.”

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And with a voice that seems to carry to the heavens, Carrie performed Dolly’s very own hit “I Will Always Love You.” And while Carrie has covered the song before, on this night she gave a bit more of an idea just why Dolly continues to inspire her.

“Over the years, I’ve come to realize that she just has that thing that all of us women in country want to have,” Carrie continued. “She has that career. She has just that personality. She does everything so well. She is an incredible storyteller and songwriter and performer and vocalist. Everybody in the world knows Dolly Parton.”

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