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Charlie Daniels has been working on behalf of our troops for decades now. His annual Volunteer Jam has raised millions in the effort to help support those troops returning home after serving our country, and his charity organization, The Journey Home Project, seeks to further that mission.

The need for this kind of work to help our veterans is greater than ever, especially with all of the news of corruption and extremely long wait times plaguing the Veterans Affairs Hospital system. As you might’ve guessed, Charlie had some strong opinions on how to clean up the V.A. during this recent interview at The Journey Home Project’s annual fundraiser at The Palm Restaurant in Nashville.

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Charlie tells Rare Country, “I don’t know if everyone would want this or not, but I would like to see them having the same insurance we have. Private insurance, private doctors, being able to go to any hospital they want to. I think they at least deserve that. This situation at the V.A. right now is not acceptable.”

Charlie was quick to point out the corruption doesn’t exist at every V.A. hospital across the country.

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“They’re not all that way,” he adds. “It’s kind of a facility-by-facility situation to where some are together that have good people that take care of business and some aren’t. The hierarchy — the guys upstairs are the guys that are really messing up.”

Whether or not our veterans get access to private insurance, Charlie feels the V.A. situation has to be straightened out.

He adds, “We’ve got to take care of our veterans.”

For now, Charlie is doing his part to take care of our veterans through The Journey Home Project’s mission to “create awareness and lend financial support to our returning vets and their cherished families.” He founded the organization a few years ago as a way to formalize all the work he and his team were doing to help our vets.

Charlie says, “We did this out of convenience and to have a focal point to raise funds for and to be able to distribute it in the right way and do all the private bookkeeping. It was nothing new for us. It was just all veterans with needs. That’s what it was about.”

Early on in his work with veterans, Charlie got involved with The Yellow Ribbon Project at Nashville’s Lipscomb University to help veterans returning to college after serving our country.

He recalls, “To see these guys and gals come in, and most of ’em out of combat, some of them had been seriously wounded. To watch them go back to school again after all they’d been through and to see them adapt and go through and start graduating was a tremendous pleasure and a tremendous honor to be a part of.”

You can be a part of The Journey Home Project’s mission by purchasing a ticket to Charlie’s upcoming 80th Birthday Volunteer Jam on Wednesday, Nov. 30 at Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena. Kid Rock, Chris Stapleton, Luke Bryan, Travis Tritt and Larry the Cable Guy join Charlie on the bill with proceeds going to The Journey Home Project.

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