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Each and every night before a show, Luke Bryan does a special acoustic concert for a roomful of lucky fans that attend a special VIP show. During those intimate concerts, Luke can show off a bit more of his personality and step away from the set list to unveil some new songs.

Because heck, he knows darn well that everyone of them is going to love pretty much anything he does up there onstage.

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So during a recent Denver tour stop, Luke felt quite comfortable doing something he has never done before. He ended up performing his new song, “Here’s To The Farmer,” which will serve as the title track of his new EP.

There was just one catch.

“I know you are going to YouTube this,” he told the fans with a cute smirk upon his face. “If I really mess it up, please don’t post it.”

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After a moment, he noticed more phones go up in the air.

“Look at you guys – ‘oh look, I got him,’” he laughed.

And got him they did. But there was no screwing up. It turned into just another memorable moment for Luke Bryan. The song will obviously be heard many a time during the eighth annual “Bayer Presents Luke Bryan Farm Tour 2016,” set to run Oct. 5-15.

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