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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A Florida school principal said students will be punished after a brutal fight on a school bus.

Video of students attacking and beating a fellow student on a Zarephath Christian Academy bus in Jacksonville on Monday was posted online.

Zarephath Christian Academy Principal Jerry Brant says a parent told him about the video but he hadn’t seen it until it was shown it to him.

He says his staff is already taking action and everyone involved will be punished.

“Those involved, we’re going to inform them of the law surrounding, and we have a few in house measures, that we will take,” Brant said.

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Brant says dealing with this situation immediately is vital because it sends a message that this type of action will not be tolerated at the academy.

He says the school is working to identify everyone involved and pursue the necessary consequences.

“We are taking actions to save our kids,” he said.

Brant says that’s the goal at the academy.

He says his staff will also come up with prevention measures to keep this from happening again.

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“We have put some parameters in place to safeguard any future situations as well as dealing with the present,” he said. “We believe if we attack it head on now, there won’t be a future occurrence of it. As opposed when you’re much older, the rules change.”

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