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CNN panelist and Republican commentator Ana Navarro has been a vocal critic of Donald Trump and his administration. When Trump appointed Steve Bannon to his cabinet, she asked, “Can I set my hair on fire?” She also ridiculed Kellyanne Conway for bashing Mitt Romney.

Monday night, Navarro suggested that somebody should “give Trump his medication.”

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A CNN panel was discussing how Trump might bring the country together, and Navarro said that one of the first actions the president-elect should pursue is, quite simply, “not tweeting.” The same night, Trump fired off more of his famous tweets, including ones attempting to discredit journalists and another directed at a 16 year old.

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“When a 2 year old throws a tantrum, he throws himself on the floor. When 70-year-old Donald Trump throws a tantrum, he goes to Twitter,” Navarro said.

Navarro was a John McCain surrogate in 2008 and is a longtime panelist on CNN. She is also a past fellow at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.

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