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Couple celebrates their 75th anniversary, offers some great advice

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Communication. Hard work. That's how you get to stay married for 75 years. - Tabitha

The secret? It takes work to stay married for the better part of a century.

From Huffington Post:

After 75 years of wedded bliss, Morrie and Betty Markoff know a thing or two about making a marriage last. The secret to their success? Communication.

The Los Angeles-based couple tied the knot in 1938 after meeting at a wedding and have been madly in love ever since; they celebrated their diamond anniversary on Nov. 4th in Downtown L.A., Downtown News reports.

Over the years, 99-year-old Morrie and 97-year-old Betty discovered that marriage takes a lot of work. “Relationships are difficult,” Betty said, but revealed her own secret for making it stand the test of time.

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