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“I’m a locksmith, and I got the keys”

So said DJ Khaled during his day in New York City as an undercover Lyft driver. Taking a break from his jet-setting life of making music and dispensing wisdom on Snapchat, Khaled took up the name Billi, and with the help of a hat and some shades, he managed to keep most of his passengers from recognizing him right away.

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But Khaled wouldn’t have much fun if he didn’t tease his identity, so as he talked with passengers, he made tons of references to his music and lifestyle. In particular, he often asked his passengers about what music they liked, quoted his own songs and talked about having the keys to success, a common theme on his famous Snapchat account. Khaled also made allusions to his larger-than-life image, talking up his jet-skiing skills, the quality of his beard and his ideal pet.

“I want a lion. You know how people walk their dogs? I wanna walk my lion in the middle of New York City.”

At the end of each trip, Khaled revealed himself to his passenger, and most of them couldn’t believe their eyes. One woman, who had confessed during the ride that she found Khaled a little “dramatic,” got a particularly good laugh from the reveal. After a selfie or two, Khaled went on his way.

Whether he’s dramatic or just passionate, DJ Khaled knows what it takes to succeed.

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