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JonBenét Ramsey’s murder in 1996 is still haunting America.

In a three-part series, Dr. Phil McGraw interviewed John Ramsey and Burke Ramsey on his show.

On Sept. 19, Dr. Phil aired the final conclusion of his interviews and revealed shocking information from the investigation. One detail that has been floating around the internet is the lack of footprints found in the snow surrounding the Ramseys’ home. Many theorists believe that evidence points to one of the members of the family as the potential murderer.

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Dr. Phil shared crime scene photos with the audience from the morning of JonBenét’s murder and revealed one major truth bomb.

“This is what really bothers me about this. In interrogation, police have the right to lie to a suspect. This went beyond that. They put into the media that there were no footprints in the snow. What they failed to mention is there was no snow,” Dr. Phil said as the photos flashed across the screen. “So all of these people on the internet for all of the years that have been saying that you debunked the intruder theory because there were no footprints in the snow, there was no snow! The Boulder Police said under oath that they were doing this to put pressure on the Ramseys so that they would come forward and confess.”

Dr. Phil also took some time to address concerns about the way Burke Ramsey, the older brother of JonBenét handled himself during the interview. He was seen smiling through most of the interview, which was ultimately something people found to be suspicious and peculiar.

“This is anxiety. He’s socially uncomfortable. He’s not autistic, he’s not weird, he’s not creepy. He’s just nervous,” Dr. Phil said. “I’ve spent a lot of time with him over the last several months, and you have got to understand that when this happened, he was plucked out because media was all over them. So he’s been moved around a lot. He lived in isolation for quite a bit. So he’s just not socially comfortable, and he’s certainly not comfortable being on camera.”

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“He wanted to do this. And he wanted to do it because he knew that at the 20th anniversary he was going to get pushed to the forefront, because he’s the one person in all of this that has never spoken,” Dr. Phil said. “But even through all of the discomfort, Burke wanted to do this, because he knew that it was the 20th anniversary, and he wanted to honor his sister, and he said if his story was going to be told, he wanted to be the one telling it.”

Later, during a Q&A portion of the show, Dr. Phil addressed the circumstances in which the Ramseys realized they were being targeted by the Boulder police. A friend of the family told them that they were being targeted.

“At that point, they decided they needed to get themselves a lawyer,” Dr. Phil said. “At the time that it happened, Patsy had kind of the same problem that Burke had. Patsy didn’t look the way people thought a typical grieving mother should look.”

“She was just barely able to communicate in any way. They decided they wanted to take the body home, out of state, to have the funeral, and the Boulder Police said they were going to hold the body hostage until they came in and talked.”

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