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The competition was fierce on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” today.

DeGeneres hosted funny-man Jimmy Kimmel and hottie Scott Eastwood on her show today and decided to play a little game of “Who’d You Rather?”

The rules are the game were simple. People just had to pick who they would rather… well, you know, between the two men.

First off, a tram of tourists picked Eastwood. So did an employee working at Warner Brothers.

After five people chose Eastwood over Kimmel, DeGeneres revealed the a secret.

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“Jimmy, if you saw his eyes, you should see what he’s doing,” she said.

“You’re smoldering?” Kimmel asked, trying to do his best Eastwood impression.

“That’s not good,” DeGeneres said.

Kimmel tried again, but it was even more awkward. “Oh, sorry, my dad’s not Clint Eastwood.”

Eventually, Kimmel found his way with the ladies (and gentleman). He finally got a vote from a very nice woman, Lori.

“Oh Jimmy. He’s in bed with me every night!” she said.

In the end, Eastwood won over Kimmel 6 to 1.

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