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It’s the simple question that’s been on everybody’s minds!

When are Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani going to get married? Well — it seems as though the pop-rock singing sensation has a response to that.

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On Friday, Sept. 23, Gwen dropped in on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” to talk about a number of topics, including her tour, sons, NBC’s “The Voice” and, of course, Blake!

When it came time to chat about the country music superstar, Ellen tried her best to get Gwen to crack under pressure and announce the date for her and Blake’s rumored wedding. And, we’ve got to say, the 58 year-old television host and comedian got pretty sneaky with her question!

“Before I make plans, because I make plans way ahead of time, tell me when you’re getting married,” said Ellen, “I need to know so that I can clear that schedule.”

Gwen immediately broke into a fit of laughter and responded with “Oh, you’re crazy,” adding, “OK, I’ll let you know.”

But, Gwen’s answer was not enough to satisfy Ellen, so the host pushed for more.

“No, now!” said Ellen.

At that point, Gwen was consumed with giggles. And, even though she didn’t reveal a wedding date, she didn’t deny one either.

During her appearance on the show, Gwen also opened up about being absent on “The Voice,” saying, “I got to go down to the set a few times. It was really fun.”

She continued, “It’s surreal. You’re there and you’re like ‘I’m not on the show.’ It’s Miley and Alicia. I love both of them. I know both of them, and they’re both so talented in their own ways, and it’s so funny to see them interact.”

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Even thought she’s no longer a coach, Gwen still remains a huge influence for hopefuls on “The Voice.” In fact, during a previous episode of the reality singing competition show, Blake used his connection to his girlfriend to score competitor Ethan Tucker for his team saying, “You may be wondering how I can help you, but I do have some serious connections in that reggae/ska world these days.”

“Oh my gosh, [Blake’s] so funny,” Ellen laughed. “Portia and I just crack up at everything he says!”

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