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For all of his positives and fun traits, Jimmy Fallon is also known for a few stinkers that he seems to feel attached to.

“Ew!” is one of them.

The recurring sketch features Fallon as a stereotypical, braces-wearing preteen girl who’s obsessed with Snapchat and boys.

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Each time Fallon has performed the sketch, it has achieved some degree of viral success, which has led him to bring it out over and over again.

Last week, Miley Cyrus appeared on the show, and her performance in “Ew!” was held until the following Monday’s broadcast, when Fallon was joined by Terry Crews and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

Though most guests on “Ew!” go full on into the preteen characters they are supposed to play, Cyrus holds back a little and isn’t terribly irritating.

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