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The list is long as to why we love Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood.

But yes, this video just made our list a little bit longer.

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Filmed just minutes before his much talked about Ryman Auditorium debut on Sept. 8 and shared on his Facebook page on Sept. 12, the adorable married couple couldn’t help but break out in some harmony.

With just a guitar in his hand, Garth began to serenade his sweet wife with the song “Golden Ring” that Tammy Wynette and George Jones sang together back in 1976. Yet, you could literally feel the magic when Garth and Trisha began to look into each other’s eyes and sing the song together.

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“I’m excited for you because this is your first time at the Ryman,” Trisha said to Garth as she was getting her hair done. “Even in sound check, it’s just a revered place and a sacred place and…(laughs) not to make you more nervous.”

“It’s all about respect,” Garth added. “As long as people walk away from this show tonight knowing how much love and respect we have for country music, we have done our job.”

It was a big night for the CMA entertainer of the year nominee, who was also celebrating the launch of his SiriusXM station, “The Garth Channel.”

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