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Fat cat Rob Ford brags about his 6 condos in Florida

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Toronto Mayor Rob Ford may claim to be the people’s candidate, but his lifestyle tells a different story.

During his weekly segment on the Washington D.C. radio show The Sport’s Junkies, Toronto’s crack-smoking mayor told the show’s hosts that he owns “like six” condos in the state of Florida, where his family regularly frequents.

“I have zero condos in Florida, Mayor Rob Ford!” one of the hosts responded.

Ford’s multi-million dollar fortune primarily comes from Deco Labels, the tags and labels company that Mayor Ford and his brother Doug inherited from their father.

Though Ford is still technically the mayor of Toronto, he had the majority of his powers stripped after his drunken and drug-fueled antics late last year.

Ford, who is currently getting lambasted by city council members over his handling of cleanup efforts following the Toronto ice storm, will get his chance to run again on October 27. But, if the self-proclaimed man of the people expects to get a strong voter turnout, he may want to hold off on the ego stroking for the time being.


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