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BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. — A Florida fugitive told deputies she was going to turn herself in this week, she just wanted to eat dinner first, the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office said.

Kimberly Isenbletter, 27, was wanted on charges of failure to appear and possession of an electric weapon by a convicted felon. She was featured Tuesday on BCSO’s “Wheel of Fugitives” video series, which singles out a wanted person in Brevard County every week.

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In the video, Sheriff Wayne Ivey told Isenbletter she had two options.

“Miss Isenbletter, you can do the right thing and turn yourself in, not make our fugitive unit come find you,” he said. “Trust me, they are going to find you.”

Isenbletter was spotted at an apartment complex in Merritt Island Wednesday. When she went out to smoke a cigarette, she was arrested, Ivey said.

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“Isenbletter admitted to knowing she was a fugitive, but denied knowing that she was the ‘Fugitive of the Week’ on Wheel of Fugitives,” he said. “Ironically, though, everyone else inside the apartment knew.”

The woman told deputies that she had planned to turn herself in after eating dinner.

“While I find that hard to believe, I can only assume she has heard how horrible the food is at the Brevard County Jail and wanted one last good meal before she turned herself in,” Ivey quipped in a Facebook post.

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