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Robby Gordon has lived his life in the fast lane.

Yet, Sept. 14 stopped him in his tracks.

On that fateful Wednesday evening, Robby received the horrible news that his father “Baja Bob” Gordon and his stepmom had been found dead in their home in California.

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Robby is now speaking out for the first time following the tragedy. According to the “Orange County Register,” Robby says that his father missed a doctor’s appointment on Wednesday. That’s when family and friends got concerned.

“This is devastating,” Robby said, fighting back tears. “He taught so many, and I want everyone to know what a good man he was. The truth will come out.”

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Robby’s father is said to have played a huge part in the careers of a number of young drivers, including NASCAR champion Jimmie Johnson. That dedication also is evident considering that Robby says he plans to race in previously scheduled off-road races this weekend at California’s Costa Mesa fairgrounds.

The newspaper also noted that “Robby Gordon declined comment on what happened until after he talks with the coroner, but said he believes he may know what occurred.”

Please join us in sending love and prayers to Robby and his entire family during this difficult time.

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