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Garth Brooks started talking about retiring from his music career almost as soon as it took off in the early ’90s. He was missing a lot of time with his daughters due to his constant tour schedule, and Garth finally made good on that promise to retire around 2001.

Now that his three girls have all grown up and moved out, Garth has a made a vow that he’s never leaving his fans again.

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“My retiring days are behind me,” Garth said at a recent press conference in Nashville. “I’m gonna either drop dead doing it or get thrown out doing it.”

As his World Tour approaches the two-year mark, Garth is amazed at how many fans have already shown up and bought tickets. Back in the late ’90s, Garth went on a three-year tour that played for more than 5 million fans in 96 cities. Now, Garth is closing in on that 5 million ticket mark after just two years and 50-something cities.

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He wonders aloud, “How in the world is that possible?”

Garth and his wife, Trisha Yearwood, are having the time of their lives on this tour, but they’ll be ready to change things up once they wrap this North American leg of the tour up in about a year or so. Of course, Garth’s fans in Europe and Australia are praying he brings his tour overseas. They might have to wait for a little bit, though.

Garth explained, “The queen [Trisha] has always wanted to do Broadway. She can do it very well. Garth might return the favor of her letting me run full out for three years and run up to New York to see what she wants to do. I’ll be Mr. Yearwood, and I’ll have the house ready when she gets home all clean and everything.”

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