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Kiss rock star Gene Simmons said exactly how he felt about profiling when a TMZ photographer caught up to the 67-year-old at the airport as he was going through security.

“We just have to get more aggressive,” Simmons observed. “Nobody says the word profiling.”

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Simmons wanted to be 100 percent clear about his position, saying: “I want you to stop me first. I want you to stop me first, because I look a certain way. If I’m clear, then profile me. It’s emergency powers during war. There’s a war going on.”

On Ahmad Khan Rahami, the man taken into custody in connection with an explosion in New York, an undetonated bomb and another explosion in New Jersey, Simmons said, “They caught the son of a bitch in New York.” He continued, “He should go to jail and become somebody’s girlfriend.”
(H/T The Daily Caller)

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