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Gwen Stefani didn’t have to be on the set of NBC’s “The Voice” to help her beau, Blake Shelton, score a contestant for his team.

In fact, all the “Sangria” singer had to do was name-drop his ladylove, and walla!

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It all happened on Tuesday, Sept. 20, during the blind audition round of the popular singing competition. Competitor Ethan Tucker of Olympia, Washington crooned his way into the hearts of judges Adam Levine and Blake Shelton with a stunning, reggae rendition of The Police’s ‘70s hit “Roxanne.”

Ethan seems to be so far removed from the country genre. So, we were fairly sure that he would choose Adam as a coach. However, that wasn’t the case. Blake picked just the right time to pull out the “Gwen Stefani card” to try and persuade Ethan to be on his team.

Blake said, “You may be wondering how I can help you, but I do have some serious connections in that reggae/ska world these days.”

At that point all that Adam could muster in response was, “Really? Really? Really? You’re going to do that?”

Instead of going with the obvious choice of Adam, Ethan was convinced by Blake’s ties to his rock star girlfriend. So, he chose Blake as his mentor.

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“I’m not afraid to say I played the Gwen Stefani card,” Blake later told cameras, according to “Entertainment Tonight.” “If you got it, you gotta use it.”

Blake wasn’t the only coach of the night calling out his connections as a way to snag a contestant. On the same episode, Miley Cyrus battled it out with Alicia Keys over singer Sophia Urista. Miley won that challenge, proving yet again that industry pals do actually benefit the coaches. And, it was all thanks to a video featuring her godmother, the legendary Dolly Parton.

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