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The Northumbria Police Department in Ponteland, England received a unique call from a man claiming that his former girlfriend had essentially taken his pet hamster hostage.

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He rang the 101 non-emergency line and told the operator that his ex was in possession of his pet and refused to give him back. Additionally, he reported, she was overfeeding the poor creature. The man’s emotional attachment to his pet was obvious in the transcript of his panicked phone call — one of several transcripts released by the Northumbria Police to persuade the public to stop calling them regarding personal matters that should probably be sorted out between the parties involved.

The operator, bless his heart, listened attentively as the unnamed caller described the situation:

I know it sounds daft but it’s my little hamster.

I don’t want to cause any trouble whatsoever, she’ll not give us it back because she says ‘I look after it better than you’ but it’s ended up looking like a fat little pig.

Not being disrespectful to the hamster, he was my pride and joy. I need him back now, he has only got a couple of years left in him because they only live so long and I love him.

He was politely informed that this was not a police matter.


Image: Flickr/cdrussorusso

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