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Hear this perfect dating advice from a 94-year-old woman

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Granite Bay, Calif — Golden Henning gives a wry smile while saying she’s “dating an older man.”

That man is 95-year-old Richard Shave. Golden is one year his junior at 94.

Henning lost her second husband in the 1980s and hasn’t been out on the town since.

Last week, her chiropractor set her up on a blind date with Shave.

It went so well, they’re going again.

“He said ‘Can I hold your hand?’ and I said ‘Of course,’” Henning recalled with a smile. When Shave arrived, he ambled up the walkway to her house, carrying flowers.

“Oh, beautiful roses,” she gushed.

The couple were driven by Shave’s daughter, Golden said it made her feel like a teenager again. “He is a wonderful guy, and I am going to tell him how wonderful he is,” she told KCRA in Sacramento.

Richard seemed to enjoy the second date saying, “she’s a real sweetie, she’s flattering. She’s very flattering.”

Before the young-at-heart couple stepped out for dinner and a movie, Golden stopped to offer a little advice to anyone wise enough to listen.

“You have one life to live, and it’s up to you to enjoy that life,” she began. “Life is there to live, and if you can’t do it for yourself, do it to others.”

Sage words from a 94-year-old teenager, on her second date with an “older man.”


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