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You can always count on your family members to be really blunt with you about your weight, and that includes when the number on the scale gets too low.

For Tim McGraw, that voice of reason often comes from his lovely wife, Faith Hill. It seems this Mississippi girl prefers her Louisiana man with a little meat on his bones.

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Due to an intense workout regimen, Tim is leaner than he’s ever been. He sometimes works out two to three hours a day, but Faith is there to make sure he doesn’t take it to extremes.

Tim says, “There’s been a few times that [Faith’s] told me that I’ve gotten a little too lean and that I needed to eat a little bit more. So she takes care of that. She’s a good cook.”

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Since Faith is always looking fabulous herself, we have to think those meals she’s cooking Tim aren’t that indulgent. He did recently treat himself to a snack of Milk Duds during a recent trip to the movie theater.

milk duds and butter popcorn!!! Checkin out "Sully" with mom and sister (it's Tracey's birthday)!

A photo posted by Tim McGraw (@thetimmcgraw) on

Tim posted a photo of the gooey goodness on Instagram with the caption, “Checkin out ‘Sully’ with mom and sister (it’s Tracey’s birthday)!'”

Next up for Tim and Faith, they’ll both receive stars on the Music City Walk of Fame in Nashville on Oct. 5. That dedication ceremony will take place just one day before the couple’s 20th wedding anniversary.

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